Modification de taille de partitions / Récupération de données effacées / partitions détruites...

Gestion de partitions


PowerQuest PartitionMagic
Paragon Partition Manager
Ranish Partition Manager


GNU Parted

Formatage FAT32


mots clés : recover deleted files
Handy Recovery

TestDisk et PhotoRec


Mondo Rescue

Effacement définitif de données

Il est parfois nécessaire de réaliser un formatage bas niveau d'un disque dur afin que les informations stockées ne puisse pas être facilement récupérées. Vous envisagez par exemple de vendre un vieux disque dur sur eBay mais vous ne voulez bien évidemment pas que vos données personnelles (vos mots de passe notamment) puissent être lues.

hdd disk wipe tool

Avec dd

dd peut faire ça en écrivant des 1 et des 0 can do this by writing ones and zeros to the drive the lowest level. The following will almost certainly be enough

This process is by design irreversable, and should not be done unless you are really sure

$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda #fill drive with random bits
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda #fill drive with all zeros
$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda #fill drive with random bits again
$ mkfs.ext3 -f /dev/hda #optional - be nice and format the drive for the next (Linux) user

Remember to change /dev/hda to the appropiate drive or partition!

This will take some time, and if paranoia is not a priority one pass of random bits should be enough. A person with special equipment may still be able to read your 'erased' data, but it will be way beyond most users.

Because dd can be used to write any data, you are not limited to random bits or zeros. Anything can be piped to dd and it will write it. So if you find that kind of thing funny you might write "GNU forever!" a few billion times accross the drive.

$ yes "GNU Forever!" | dd of=/dev/hda

Some security experts recomend complex multiple passes, but if your data is that precious grinding the drive to dust is probably more appropiate than selling it on ebay.

With GNU shred

shred is part of the GNU coreutils that should be included with every distro. It can overwrite files (including devices such as drives) repeatedly to make it harder for even very expensive hardware probing to recover the data.
The default is for 25 passes, with various patterns of data. Although fewer itterations can be used, the default is very secure but will take a long time.


Recherche de fichiers en double / doublons


Easy Duplicate File Finder



Calculer récursivement un hash md5
Comparer les hash entre eux
Si même hash, alors on considère que c'est le même fichier

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